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Music Resources for congregational and small group singing. Audio MP3 files, midi files, PDF scores and lyrics available.
Public Domain music can be downloaded freely. Copyright music requires a small copyright fee.
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My name is Clyde McLennan, and I live in Perth in Australia.

I was ordained to the Baptist ministry in the early 1960's, and for about 35 years I served as Pastor in several smaller Churches, some of which were very small new churches that were just starting. In some of these, I also doubled as the Church musician.

In most of these church situations I also supported myself as a computer software designer, programmer, analyst and consultant for a large manufacturing company implementing process control and process management software for the shop floor environment. I retired in 1999, although continued on in a part-time consultancy role for several more years.

My early musical training was on the Pipe Organ where I learnt to play the classics (Bach etc - and some of those are on the site), but I always had a strong interest in improvisation, and so learnt and experimented with some of the more freer musical styles. You will see this site reflects many of those styles.

These days it is often hard to find suitable musicians to accompany congregational singing, either because the younger musicians don't like playing the 'grand hymns of the faith' or we older players sometimes struggle with the style of the newer music.

In seeking to address this need, which is often acute in small churches, home groups, age care facilities etc, and through the encouragement of a Christian friends, I have created this site whose primary aim is to:

make good quality accompaniments for congregational singing available at no cost.
(or minimal cost in the case of copyrighted music.)

About the music on the site
With the wide variety of music in our churches, this site seeks to provide a number of recording styles:
  • Pipe Organ hymns (Currently 5147 mp3 files available) suitable for traditional churches.
  • Piano (Currently 1212 mp3 files available). There are the un-emblished 'simple piano' and the embellished 'mainly piano' recordings which are suitable for playing in those churches which prefer a piano to the organ, or in small groups or home church environment.
  • Piano & Organ (Currently 1310 mp3 files available). These are the Organ recordings with a basic piano recording added. Very suitable for learning new hymns as the melody is clearer, and also in those churches that like the Organ sound as well.
  • Band (Currently 2971 mp3 files available).There are 'small band', 'swing band' and 'mainly piano' recordings. You can select the style that best suits your church needs.
(Note: Most of the recordings on this site are my actual playing from music score.
The various band styles are a mixture of computer generated & real players based on the music chords - Explanatary Video).

An explanation (or is it an apology)
I am at home on the playing the old hymns that I grew up with in the 1940's. Some modern music is not 'my beat', and I really struggle with it, and besides, it is not played the way it is written, but more how you feel it. I trust my 'small band' attempts at this newer style of music will nevertheless be helpful.